Reaching Out

to the Youth of the World

Stephen Tan


   "If you need one single,
comprehensive book to
help you become happy
and prosperous, this is it"

Success and Happiness

book front

A Global Project
20 Languages Targeted

English.....Malay....& many more to published


100 chapters to inspire you as you develop and excel, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

A wealth of sound and practical advice, a timeless guide and treasure. Every page; is packed with reasons, ideas, skills and wisdom.

The complete and constant companion through the years, showing how you can can realise your full potential and get all you want out of life.

In a world of increasing delinquency, drugs, divorces, violence and crime, let's empower and enrich our children's future.

This book is a system for discovery, expansion, winning and enjoying life. It will bring hope, enthusiasm, purpose and true riches to all.

Read this book. It will serve you and your loved ones day after day for the rest of your life.


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